Nina Ringo is a prominent scientist in the field of mathematical control theory. She is a multitalented person, besides over forty scientific publications she has also published a book of poetry and several novels.


She was born in the year 1938, Moscow, USSR into the family of a scientist and a doctor.

In 1961 Nina Ringo graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University), a leading Russian university, originally established in the Soviet Union.

In 1967 she defended a doctorate dissertation in the field of cosmic research in Steklov Mathematical Institute of Academy of Science of Russia.

She is one of the very few female scientists who were able to get a doctoral degree in this challenging field.

After that she worked in the Academy of Computer Science of Russia.

Presidium of the Academy of Science awarded her the title of a senior researcher.
She has published about 40 scientific works, most of them in the field of Control Theory. She also gave lectures at the Physical-Technical Institute.

For several years Nina Ringo was a member of the Soviet-Finnish Group on Operations Research. This Group was awarded as the best scientific Group in Finland at that time.

Nina Ringo has translated the book of the American scientist L. Zadeh "Fuzzy Sets" from English into Russian.

After 1995 due to personal circumstances she moved to Finland.

In Finland she prepared a monography and gave lectures at the Academic English-Speaking society and private companies.

Nina Ringo's mathematical contributions are primarily in the field of Control Theory.

She is best known for having discovered the Solution of the L-problem of moments on a simplex and its applications.

She is a strong specialist in the functional analysis, variation calculus and the general theory of optimal control

Prof. Albert Shiryaev

Nina Ringo is not only a scientist, she is also a writer.

In her science fiction novels such as "Forgotten Future" she contemplates about the responsibilities of a scientist.

Nina Ringo has organized the conference ICMM 2014 in Vienna, ICMM 2015 in Paris and ICMCS 2015 in Vienna.